If I could have just one thing in life... it would be for you to believe in magic because of me. k&m

Photo (A Gentlewoman)

I don't believe in magic the young boy said. The old man smiled and said you will when you see her- Atticus

"Don't take these years for granted because you'll never get them back.."

I guess I take for granted everything I've learned and how much I've grown but I love the love that I've shared and fallen out of, it has shaped me to who I am now.

"LIVE LIFE...because sometimes the biggest       "mistakes" make the BEST stories"

The Good Vibe - Inspirational Picture Quotes~ I just finished my first eulogy. My mother had an incandescent spirit. We put her ashes back into the ocean in two days time. She was never old but she had lots of stories.

Everyone will find that one......young or old.....there will always somebody there.....just go out there and find them...

Or maybe we are. The watches that kept our memories as Timelords were destroyed by the Daleks during the time war. The Doctor may have hidden the Timelords somewhere, but not all of them.<<you are so kind

Got my war face on and ready for this battle we will win!!!!

I have to wonder whether this ever went through Jesus' mind when he was down here on Earth, frustrated with how very dense we humans are.

Love Quotes  http://enviarpostales.net/imagenes/love-quotes-122/ love quotes for her love quotes for girlfriend inspirational love quotes o true with us... Remembering you and me... Memphis... tackled me and threw me on the couch with kisses all over my face. Wish I stayed.... Young and dumb... hurts...

I miss austin soooo much. But I am letting him stay again with him. Tomoro am for sure. I hope this is a good choice letting him spend so many days in a row with him.

Mayday parade

Your Past Is Your Past For A Reason: 10 Reasons You Shouldn't Get Back With Your Ex

This photo tells a story of young people in love. The picture shows two teenagers holding hands in what looks like a school setting. The words 'we were just kids in love' plastered over the photo in a casual, messy font depicts naivety and youthfulness.