If you look into my eyes long enough you are bound to give me a treat...

Lab Puppies 2014 Wall Calendar: The most lovable breed is even easier to appreciate in petite, puppy size! Black, brown or yellow, Labrador retrievers have

Yellow Labrador Retriever puppies - nothing cuter in the world

Yellow labrador retriever puppies postcard

#Labrador #Retriever - Labrador Retriever - Dog Breeds

This could be a picture of my Hunter. My son trained him to duck hunt and he was the best during his prime! So smart, so lovable!

Yellow Lab :) #waterdog

5 Tips for Flying with Your Pet

Heidi, a yellow Labrador retriever owned by an Oakridge, Ore., teen, is an award-winning jumper. what an awesome photo and an awesome dog. what an athlete!