Yarn lanterns.  I want to make these!

Yarn Lanterns Put the yarn into the glue and mix properly. Work the glue into the yarn without unveiling the ball. Fill the balloon to a desirable size. Rub it in with a thin layer of vaseline.

Parties For Pennies: The D.L. on the Y.L. (Yarn Lanterns)

Here at (Parties for Pennies), I always like to take the biggest party trends & do them cheaper, easier & in less time than most of the .

Zip case, sooooo nice

Lantern Moon Rosewood Interchangeable Needle Set - Knitting and crochet yarn, patterns, knitting bags, needles and notions.

colorful yarn chandeliers

Yarn Chandelier {tutorial

I am making these yarn balloons/balls/chandeliers as decoration for a play area, but was having trouble with them.I am told elementary school kids can do this!

How to Make Illuminated Yarn Lanterns

How to Make Illuminated Yarn Lanterns

Tutorial: String Balls, which I love for a party in lieu of balloons or bunting. Use Pam instead of petroleum jelly to coat the balloons?

You make these by dipping yarn through a corn starch/glue mix, then wrapping it around a balloon coated with Vaseline so the glue doesn't stick. Once the yarn and glue mixer is dry, pop the balloon for this whimsical DIY lantern!

How-To to make YARN balls for lights/hanging

How-To to make YARN balls for lights/hanging

How to make a string/yarn lantern!!! Very inexpensive and cute!!!

The making of a string/yarn lantern to replace our hideous dining room fixture I have wanted to change for 5 years! **Please use good judgement when placing .