Dutch physicist-artist Arie van’t Riet's stunning colored X-ray images of nature that he calls ‘Bioramas.’ Riet first began creating bioramas when a friend asked him to X-ray one of his paintings. The result was so compelling that Riet decided to keep experimenting. From tulips to turtles, Riet photographs these objects using silver bromide X-ray film (similar to a black and white negative) after which he digitizes, inverts, and then colorizes parts of the image in Photoshop.

Beautiful Colored X-Ray Photographs of Plants and Animals

Arie van’t Riet’s Colorized X-rays Emphasize Natural Beauty

Nesting Doll X-Ray Art Print

"Nesting Doll X-Ray" Graphic/Illustration by Ali GULEC posters, art prints, canvas prints, greeting cards or gallery prints. Find more Graphic/Illustration art prints and posters in the ARTFLAKES s.

Bryan Whitney xray art. X Ray Rose

Bryan Whitney’s Incredible X-Ray Art

Bryan Whitney’s X-ray artwork reveals the inner beauty of flowers and everyday objects. The images are made with an x-ray machine and, amazingly, no camera is involved in capturing these pictures.

X-ray Nautilus shell by Bert Myers. Via LUSHLIGHT. (iainclaridge.net): X-Ray Art : More At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

X-ray Nautilus shell by Bert Myers. Love that I see nautilus shells all the time

X-ray art - chili pepper

Smorgasbord: Culinary X-Ray Photography by Don Dodenbostel

X-ray photography, Hugh Turvey.

Hugh Turvey’s X-ray photography

Hugh Turvey Artist in Residence, British Institute of Radiology creates x-ray art photography and motion film.

X-ray craft. JD would love this after having X-rays of his hand recently

X-ray craft

X is for x-ray.This+is+a+fun+x-ray+craft+we+did+for+our+preschool+co-op.The+kids+loved+it+-+especially+since+it+involved+a+little+bit+of+mess! Supplies+needed: White+tempera+paint spray+bottle qtips black+construction+paper glue some white.

Matthew Cox's remarkable x-ray and embroidery work surreal frida kahlo style textile art and xray photo, contemporary mixed media collage art

Embroidered Art

Matthew Cox's remarkable x-ray and embroidery work. Wonder if I could do something cool like this with our x-rays.

Illustration Tutorials – March 5th 2013

Illustration Tutorials - March 5th 2013

nick veasey, x ray photos, x ray pics, x ray art

X-treme art! X-rays turned into amazing art project - NY Daily News