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I like the clever thinking about wood 20 Of The Most Unique Desk and Table Designs Ever - 2 Log Table

Plywood Collection by Aid Bureau

Furniture P01 Plywood / dontDIY

Dining Table leg inspiration (imagine metal not wood). Plywood Collection, by Aid Bureau / Dont DIY

Salvaged wood and metal...great design - look at those joints!  And the darker board intersects the metal to form an offset cross detail on the top.  Nice piece.

I'm moving to Portland. Because if I lived there, I would make friends with the ladies from bright designlab . In partnership wit.

diy height adjustable table - Google Search

Small Space Solution: Caroline Olsson's Adjustable "Bambi" Table

Minimalist trestle table legs that assemble without hardware! Easy to put together and take apart. Clever furniture design.

Slot Trestle

1 idea is to pick furniture that likewise functions as storage space. You are able to implement all your decorating ideas with no restrictions or limitations

Wood Log Table Designed by John Houshmand /

18 Of The Most Magnificent Table Designs Ever

Wood log table by John Houshmand. I like the idea of long tables with benches/ chairs either side so that eating becomes a sociable thing (similar to wagamama's)