5 DIY Easy Rings - Braided

5 DIY Easy Rings - Braided & No Tools!

I love simple diy projects and simple life hacks so in this tutorial I’ll show you just that! I am yet again creating DIY Easy rings and this time I have 5 braided DIY rings. :) I also think I'll make it a regular monthly thing as I really enjoy coming up

Triple Chevron Wire Ring

[Lines If snow be white why then her breasts are dun; If hairs be wires, black wires grown on her head.

3 Chevron Above Knuckle Rings from Silver Plated Wire, Simple design.

FLASH SALE 3 Silver / Gold Above Knuckle Rings / chevron midi ring & 1 band / gold rings // thin rings // set of 3 stackable midi rings Silver

Wire ring

Greek fret ring - handmade frekwork ring and curly copper wire - almost Greek key Más