Wilmer Walderrama, Laura Prepon y Mila Kunis se pusieron de acuerdo y visitaron a Ashton Kutcher y Danny Masterson durante la grabación del último capítulo de su serie, The Ranch.
Wilmer Valderrama Voices Prince Charming In Animated Movie Musical ...
Gone are his days as scrawny That '70s Show's Fez. Wilmer Valderrama is hot, and there's no going around it. The Miami-born actor with Venezuelan and Colombian roots, who famously fawns over girlfriend Demi Lovato, all of a sudden has muscles to die for, a scruffy bad-boy look no one can resist, and eyes that could melt you with one smoldering look. We know, we know; we're shocked we're saying all of this, too.
José Rodriguez
Dilmer <3
"Mi labor como actor es transformar las mentiras en verdad." - Rafael Amaya
When it comes to lip syncing and dancing, there are few better songs you can choose than a boy band hit, from Backstreet Boys! Description from newslocker.com.
Wilmer Valderrama (Eduardo Fresco) Actor, Voice Actor, Singer, Muscle, Shirtless, From Dusk till Dawn, NCIS, Eye Candy, Handsome, Good Looking, Pretty, Beautiful, Sexy ウィルマー・バルデラマ 俳優 声優 歌手 フロム・ダスク・ティル・ドーン