I've got like three different ones I switch between in confusion...not Multiple Personality Disorder though...

I cant be broken, not anymore . I'm gonna trust, and cast my fears aside. My life's a work that I know God will finish. I'm covered with His feathers & at peace with my life.

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It is not "I could spend hours listening to music." It's "I do spend hours listening to music.

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I'm really sensitive - and that's who I am.I am only sensitive when it comes to some things but yeah

I can explain almost everything I am feeling if I am writing them down, but if you ask me to verbalize my feelings, good luck.

I express myself better in writing than out loud; its too bad that when I was young I wasnt allowed to hav a journal becuase my parents have no privacy or respect. I believe thats Y I hav trouble expressing my feelings.

i can't wait to meet the person that figures it out on their own . +

I want someone to fully know who i am. I have a lot of people in my life that know things about me but they don't know who I am

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One of my favorite things, ever. Especially chocolate brownie ice cream and peanut butter chocolate ice cream.--- My favorites are Cookie dough and chocolate mint ice cream.

i mean ... for real ... awlays ... i must be crazy ._.

I could make a book of short stories with all the things I have come up with in my head. I am a living book.

Endless and unforgettable, road trips are an unbelievable experience!

39 of the world’s most inspiring routes for road trips [PICs]

when i don't get car sick. lol but yeah i LOVE car rides with the radio up. my mom calls me a lap dog cause i always wanna go in the car

I'm always there. Call me at four in the morning if you have to. I love helping people.

and that's who I am. Surprisingly most of the people in my life don't know that I would go the end of the world for them and back. Or that I will always be there for them.

and that's who I am.

I don't why worry so much. I guess I care too much. I worry about everybody. I worry about them too, but not as much as my family, and friends.

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I care about other people more than myself . And that's who I am

The Actual Difference Between Women Who Are Hot And Who Are Beautiful

The Actual Difference Between Women Who Are Hot And Who Are Beautiful

ph: Marija Kovac 1 year, 1 month, and 10 days ago me and my current boyfriend started dating. It’s a long distance relationship, though, .

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I am a very huge fan of chocolate. It really doesn't matter what kind but I LOVE chocolate!