words cannot fully express the extreme love I have for this tattoo!

More bad tattoos! But on the plus side, they sure give us a bounty of horrible, ugly tats to laugh at! The worst tattoos imaginable. Stupid WTF ugliest ever

It's not about the size of the tattoo; it's the meaning behind it.

20 Small Simple Tattoo Ideas That Are Absolutely Stunning

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Steampunk zeppelin tattoo. Super weird tattoo idead

Want to do something like this w/ my current pirate fish, but more pirate ship underneath, not balloon.

Whimsical Black Tattoos – Fubiz Media

Whimsical Black Tattoos

wordsnquotes: “culturenlifestyle: Unconventional Minimalist Tattoos An illustrator and graphic designer Caitlin Thomas opened up a tattoo studio Adelaide, South Australia to showcase her talent and.

Wow I was just thinking about this a couple hours ago ... Wish weird. Love this!-Allison

So weird that I was just thinking of Wiccan/witch art or tattoos.I started drawing on myself & this beautiful piece under witch tattoos shows up.