Here's a set of weather cards for graphing and calendar activities. Can also be used for a memory game.

Weather & Seasons Printable Cards

printable weather cards for preschool.cut out cards for one set and cut apart the pix and words for the other.match pix and word.use attached cards for guide

Seasons - Brainstorm seasonal words

Seasons - Brainstorm seasonal words I really like this because it launches a conversation on how weather affects what we wear and do.

Oh my goodness...these are the cutest coloring pages!  {Weather & Season themed}

Weather Coloring Pages

FREE-My class just completed a unit on Weather & Seasons, and I have two printables to share. Four Seasons Poster / Cards This printable can be used as a poster for your Science Center or cut them apart for pocket chart cards or matching cards. Download: Four Seasons Weather Cards Print two copies of these …

Weather & Seasons Printable Cards

Kids will get the practice they need learning day of the week, month, telling time, hundreds, seasons, weather graphing, counting to 100 and more

FREE Daily Kindergarten Calendar for Daily Use

Weather and Seasons mini unit. Fun experiments and booklets.

Weather and Seasons mini unit. This link has fun experiments and booklets that would be great for kinder and even grade activities

Kindergarten Weather & Seasons Worksheets: Match the Four Seasons

Match the Four Seasons