I definitely would never have enough time in the world to do this, but these are so amazing

LOTS OF WATERMELON CARVING IDEAS. Liven up your Buffet or Appetizer table with these carved watermelon serving vessels. Everyone will be talking about your creativity.

Summer Fun Ideas| Carved Watermelon Dessert Ideas

Carved Watermelon Ideas

Melon season is in full swing! Why not make the most of it by having a little fun with fruit! Try these Carved Watermelon Ideas for your next summer party.

If I ever have children, they better get used to  getting different fruit animals like this at every single birthday party.

42 Magnificent Fruit Creations for Your Next Party ...

Watermelon animals are the perfect party food for kid’s parties. A healthy snack that’s fun to eat even for fussy eaters! Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: None Difficulty rating: Easy Age recommendation: As it is a soft fruit, watermelon is suitable for babies from 8 months old cut into very little pieces.

Watermelon animals are the perfect party food for kid’s parties. A healthy snack that’s fun to eat even for fussy eaters!

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Healthy Food Made Fun for Kids: 5 Cool Snacks!

So cute for a summer picnic or birthday party! It's a hedgehog watermelon, Cathy! A hedgehog watermelon!

Easy Carved Watermelon Animal via justicejonesie.com

Step-by-step directions on how to make a carved watermelon porcupine for your next party.

Watermelon Board | Hedgehog

Carved Watermelon Ideas

The most CREATIVE Watermelon Ideas! – Incredible Recipes From Heaven · Watermelon CarvingHedgehogsCute .

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Animals made out of fruit.now that's a crafty food recipe! - 15 of the Best Edible Sculptures (best fruit recipes)


Baby Shower Fruit Tray Ideas

Baby Fruit Salad - My sister did this for my shower last year and it was SO cute and perfect! (my 3 yr old niece was excited to tell grandpa she "ate a baby.

How to make Watermelon Animals #diy  So fun for the kiddos!  Teaches  porcupine and turtle.

step by step demonstration in carving Watermelons into Animals to serve at parties and BBQ's, great, colorful, healthy, raw.

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Fruit turned Animal Art: 30 Creative Creations

Let’s start off with this mysterious yet somewhat cute watermelon animal! Someone thought it is a hippopotamus, but it’s actually an alligator, so the uploader calls it Allipotamus!

Watermelon Carvings

Watermelon Carvings

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A fun watermelon hippo that would surely attract both playful adults and kids! There are instructions for every watermelon carving that comes out from the National Watermelon Promotion Board!