"My goal is to convey the same sense of wonder and beauty that I experienced while on location," says Karlyn Holman. View a step-by-step demonstration of her watercolor painting Focus of Light on Fall Trees here. ~Cherie #howtopaint #watercolor #landscape

Creating a Backlit Watercolor Landscape

❤Watercolor Landscape Tutorial《Morning forest》水彩風景教程《樹林晨光》@娜Naland - YouTube

Arches Watercolor Paper: Hot Pressed, Cotton, size Pad Right now I paint with Holbein Watercolors but when I painted this boat I was still .

Watercolor Landscape Paintings by Adem Potas

Gorgeous Watercolor Paintings of the Diverse Landscapes Nature Has to Offer

Istanbul-based painter, decorator, and interior designer Adem Potaş delicately creates stunning watercolor landscapes that appear to ethereally glow.

Watercolor Landscape Tutorial - YouTube

Sorry but I missed the first few mins of painting the sky. Don& worry though - its just a dilute mix of French Ultramarine Blue and purple with more and mor.