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popchartlab: “ A roundup of NYC’s rooftop darlings, this visual compendium arrays a curated selection of the city skyline’s unsung signatures: its wondrous water towers. off for 24 hours only!

Watertower by Tom Fruin. Dumbo Brooklyn. Composed of 1.000 scraps of plexiglas and reclaimed steel

Located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, Watertower is composed of scraps of plexiglas and reclaimed steel. The iconic tower is illuminated by the sun during the day and by Ardunio-controlled light sequences designed by Ryan Holsopple at night. Created by Tom Fruin.

Ciechanow Water Tower in Poland, built in 1972 by Jerzy Michał Bogusławsk

The Ciechanow Water Tower in Poland is a hyperboloid structure, using hyperboloid geometry which maximizes structural strength with a minimum of material. The Ciechanow Water Tower was built in 1972 by Jerzy Michał Bogusławsk.

This is Texas, y'all.  If you ever get a chance, visit Gruene, Texas, the Gristmill and Gruene Hall.  Awesome!

American water tower, source of water, target for shooting practice and sometimes mistaken for alien space ships

Bernd and Hilla Becher

The Art of Water

Tower power

The Art of Water

Schöner Skuriler Kletterbaum für Katzen

Old Water Tower Converted into a Beautiful Modern Home

Architect Mauro Brigham of Bham Design Studio has repurposed an old water tower in Belgium, simply known as Chateau d& into a livable home.