Happy Birthday Walt Disney!! You will always be my hero and my inspiration!!! I love you so much! You have created many many things that have made many people smile, laugh, and just be happy! Which is why you're my idol. Happy birthday:)

It All Started With A

Walt disney was afraid of mice.he could have created a horror movie about mice instead of lovable Mickey

TBT: See All 53 Walt Disney Animation Movie Posters | Oh My Disney

TBT: See All 53 Walt Disney Animation Movie Posters

Rich Moore, the director of Wreck-It Ralph, discusses his connection to the characters in the movie. He would love to be a part of a Wreck-It Ralph sequel.

What happens when you combine a #Disney movie with #sex ed? Now you know -- via @Huffington Post

WATCH: Vintage Disney Video Explains Periods

Last pinner: Walt Disney The Story Of Menstruation: I remember this exact film in our (girls) health class!

Destino A Disney & Salvador Dalí collaborative project.

The Dark and Obscure Gems of the Disney Vault

Walt Disney's & Salvador Dali - Destino 2003 (HD - The time Salvador Dali worked for Disney

My Aunt Tommie on her wedding day.. She was Walt Disney's secretary, and he walked her down the isle..

In June Walt Disney gave away bride Thelma England Blount, his secretary, in her wedding to Tom Wilck.

Walt Disney: Y así después de esperar tanto, un día como cualquier otro decidí triunfar... Decidí no esperar a las oportunidades sino yo mismo buscarlas...

" If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.

Walt Disney and daughter, Sharon, dance on the day of her wedding to Robert Brown. May 10, 1959.  ~~  (From WaltDisneyLand on Facebook.)

Walt Disney and his daughter, Sharon dance her wedding day. (She married Robert Brown) May 1959

walt disney with harriet burns, the first woman hired by walt disney imagineering

Born: Monday, August 1928 Died: Friday, July 2008 Occupation: Scenic Designer Model Maker Legacy: Walt Disney’s first female Imagineer. Designed and built the famous ‘Mouse Clubhouse’ for ‘…

Young Walt Disney

Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois, December

Cómics de Walt Disney e Historias (1940 Dell / Gold Key / Gladstone) 144

Cómics de Walt Disney e Historias (1940 Dell / Gold Key / Gladstone) 144