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Maybe do in 3 layers, a silhouette skyline, firework background, and scratch art foreground.


Brazilian Martial Arts is the premium source of information relating to the four most popular Brazilian fighting styles below : Capoeira – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Huka – Luta Livre.

Enjoy a private tour to the pristine beach area of Arraial do Cabo!

Arraial do Cabo - RJ, Brazil. A Brazilian Embassador once told me that I could be happy retiring here.That was 10 years ago, I wonder if that still holds true? Brazil seems to be in a mess these days.

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Litoral Oeste Ceara - Guia de Informações

Helio Ferreira Pinto, Central Bank, Brasilia, 1976-1981

Brasilia in pictures: 50 great buildings, 50 years

A small sample from Wallpaper* Magazine's feature: Brasilia in pictures: 50 great buildings, 50 years . Oscar Niemeyer is well represent.

beach - Por do Sol. Maraú, Brasil

Pôr do Sol em Maraú, Brasil. Nun ca fui ,quero ir, a natureza me instrui a sempre sorrir.