Voldemort Special FX Makeup Tutorial - YouTube

Straight from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter movies comes the Voldemort special fx makeup tutorial. We show you how to create a smooth face pro.

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How incredible is this Voldemort costume?

18 Harry Potter Costumes for Halloween

This was my Halloween costume for a cosplay of Lord Voldemort of the Harry Potter franchise. *Photos adjusted for cropping and exposure only* *Thi. Lord Voldemort: Two

Voldemort inspired professional makeup FX appliance mask. It is made of foam latex and is professionally designed by makeup artists. When applied it moves with your expressions just like professional

Dark Lord by Woochie

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[SELF]. VOLDEMORT MAKEUP TUTORIAL #cosplay http://ift.tt/1EO3Y0Y

[SELF]. VOLDEMORT MAKEUP TUTORIAL #cosplay http://ift.tt/1EO3Y0Y