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This TV had pride of place in the Mount Eliza lounge room of aviation and television pioneer Sir Reg…

Vintage Television Ad  1960's RCA Victor by zippitydoodlepaper

Vintage Television Ad - RCA Victor Space Age Color TV - Modern Electronics Home Illustration Wall Decor 1958 Television set - the beginning of the zombie generation.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Homemade Australian Black and White TV 1957 - ACMI Collection. This TV was built by Mr F. Straford in The electronic components were purchased as a kit of parts for approximately

Remember the time when you only had 5 working channels that didn't require banging on the tv and repositioning the antennae.

Old Television I had this same TV. I remember being maybe twelve before we got our first color TV.

Old TV. 2 channels. Had to walk across the floor to change. Black and white, and test pattern until it actually came on at 3PM.

Old TV Guide -nostalgia, old tv sets, old tv shows, tv test patterns, tv shows from the and TV Guide Magazine 15 cents

Gorgeous old television.. and this was what we watched our shows on as a kid.. aaah the memories.  LUV IT!

Vintage TV: the large knob changed channels, the smaller concentric pair adjusted Vertical & Horizontal Hold for the picture tube.

Philco Predicta - ca.1959

Tags: Philco Predictra TV television vintage modern retro electronics video furniture household entertainment interior clasic Sci-fi Si-F

lollodj:    retrogasm: If I had this vintage TV I would watch space movies all day…

lollodj: retrogasm: If I had this vintage TV I would watch space movies all day…well, if they were being aired.

1960 Deluxe Sparton “Parkway” Television | Model 23K2S  Sparton brands of television sets were produced the Sparton Corporation (originally called Sparks Withington) in Jackson, Michigan, and later in London, Ontario, Canada. The television shown above was produced in Canada after the manufacturing facility in the United States was closed.  Via

deluxe sparton "parkway" television 1960 ~ exactly the same model we had !

As Seen on TV-O-Rama: 10 Weird, Wacky & Possibly Wonderful Products Home & Housewares 2012 ... apartmenttherapy

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