Vince Flynn - Fast Facts - Kill Shot Available 2.7.12, 12th Novel Featuring Mitch Rapp

Live vicariously through Mitch Rapp, protagonist for Vince Flynn novels.

Vince Flynn books-read them all! The only books I will re read. I'll miss his TV interviews too.

"Vince’s two most-recently published books, American Assassin and Kill Shot, are prequels. Kill Shot ends years before Transfer of Power, which was originally the first in the series."-- *Personally, I still like reading the books in order written*

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Transfer of Power (Mitch Rapp Series #1)

American Assassin - Vince Flynn

American Assassin (Mitch Rapp Series #11)

American Assassin (Mitch Rapp Series by Vince Flynn: Book Cover

Favorite Author-Vince Flynn  I've read all of his books!!

Favorite Author-Vince Flynn I've read all of his books!

Order to Kill By Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills

Anti-terrorism operative Mitch Rapp chases false leads throughout the world to prevent nuclear weapons from falling into terrorist hands before posing as an American ISIS recruit in Russia, where he uncovers a catastrophic plot.

Vince Flynn. April 6, 1966 – June 19, 2013.R.I.P.   Right now, I am really into Vince Flynn and Lee Child books, but I am also in search of other authors, that I haven't found yet, I would love suggestions of names to look for, and/or titles to search for, please share your love of newer authors with me, This is how I found both of these great authors!

April 1966 – June Any Books from Vince Flynn - Mitch Rapp series! RIP Vince - one of the greatest authors of my generation