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Hoy te presentamos los verbos irregulares “venir”, “tener” y “traer”. ¡Usa uno de estos verbos en una frase! #español #Spanish

Some of the irregular verbs in Spanish: “venir”, “tener” y “traer”. Learn how to apply them by taking online Spanish lessons!

Vamos a la playa (conjugación en presente de indicativo)

JUEGO: ¿Vamos a la playa? - Conjugation boardgame using present tense verbs. Haven't looked at how to play too closely but looks interesting.

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big_islcollective_worksheets_elemental_a1__principiante_pre_presente__verbos_irregulares_____________o_262744e340ed114a7d1_80241925.jpg 399×566 pixels

Presente de indicativo - formas regulares e irregulares (boot verbs: decir, jugar, poder, salir, seguir, sentirse, tener, etc.):

Couldn't find this on the site (link leads to homepage), but it would be easy to make your own using the Spanish verbs and other Spanish vocabulary you're teaching.

No es sal-o, es salgo. Verbos irregulares en primera persona, ¿conoces más ejemplos? #Spanish

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Pretérito indefinido. Verbos regulares e irregulares. Marcadores temporales.

Learn In Your Car Spanish

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Lista de participios irregulares - Creado y compartido por - #learn #spanish #kids

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