Protege a tus hijos contra el Sarampión, Parotidis y Rubeola, llevándolos a que les apliquen la vacuna.

Protege a tus hijos contra el Sarampión, Parotidis y Rubeola, llevándolos a que les apliquen la vacuna.

El impacto de la introducción de las vacunas contra las enfermedades contagiosas, desde

Three charts help to visualize the impact vaccines have had on the century.

Un nuevo estudio sobre 95.000 niños demostró que vacunar a los niños contra el sarampión, las paperas y la rubeola no aumenta el riesgo de autismo, a pesar de la suposición de algunos padres de que existe una correlación entre ambos.

The Flu Vaccine: Getting sick a few times per year is GOOD for us! If a patient tells me he/she never gets sick, I am very concerned about immune suppression. Cortisol is an immune suppressant and chronic immune suppression may lead to cancer.

Usarán nueva vacuna contra poliomielitis

Hondureños a vacunarse contra sarampión y rubeola - La Tribuna.

This is the skin of a patient after 3 days of measles infection.

Nature's Eye: Health-Measles: Cause,Symptoms,Vaccination,Complic.

congenital rubella syndrome (rubella syndrome) transplacental infection of the fetus with rubella usually in the first trimester of pregnancy, as a consequence of maternal infection (which may or may not be clinically apparent), resulting in various developmental abnormalities in the newborn infant. They include cardiac and ocular lesions, deafness, microcephaly, mental retardation, and generalized growth retardation, which may be associated with acute self-limited conditions such as…

Looking for online definition of rubella in the Medical Dictionary? What is rubella? Meaning of rubella medical term. What does rubella mean?

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A handy guide to the most common types of baby rashes you might see in an infant under a year old. Infections, allergies, and lifestyle can play a factor

Inicia la Tercera Semana Nacional de Salud 2014

Inicia la Tercera Semana Nacional de Salud 2014

Cartilla de vacunación

Cartilla de vacunación

Me Fui, History, It's A Girl

Measles - vaccine recs and incidence rates

Measles outbreak tied to Texas megachurch sickens 21

Measles Explained: Do You Really Need To Vaccinate? #science #education #animation #infographic #health #measles #vaccines

Measles Explained: Do You Really Need To

An Easy-to-Understand Animation Demonstrating How Measles Work and How Vaccines Protect Against the Disease

Measles, also known as rubeola, is a highly infectious disease. It’s caused by a virus, and can be prevented by effective vaccination. The adult form is more severe than when children acquire it, and the infected adults would end up feeling way worse. Most people get better within 2 weeks. But measles can sometimes cause dangerous problems, such as lung infection (pneumonia) or brain swelling (encephalitis). In rare cases, it can even cause seizures or meningitis.

Measles was once a common childhood disease on the planet. The measles virus lives in the mucus of the nose and throat of people with this infection.

What is Measles Rubeola

What is Measles - National Vaccine Information Center