Tell stylist: I want to maintain my Long, layered, V-shaped cut. Keep long length trim split ends quarter of an inch

love the v cut and length.not to mention she has a gorgeous body and her back dimples are pierced

Lots of layers create the 'V shape' and loving this blue black :) I used equal parts 2N & 3N with a blue additive #matrixcolor #beautybyalexis

Lots of layers create the 'V shape' and loving this blue black :) I used equal parts & with a blue additive

V shape layered cut. Would like a longer version for Z with layers starting at her shoulder.

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I want my hair cut like this. I hate when they cut it straight across! V-Layers - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

Haircuts with a v-shape in the back. curly hair cuts with layers

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My favorite cut on long hair is the v layer cut. I call it the Victoria Secret models hair cut. Reminds me of when I had dark hair and extensions.

Long hair with lots of layers. Add short layers in with it.

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V shape -layers. Going to get this once my hair has grown out a little

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V -cut hair cut. I have my hair in a slight v-cut cut. I'll make it a bit more extreme when my hair is longer

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The V Shaped hair cut is perfect for all hair textures! Something edgier for my long, super thick hair. ( I'm Gonna Get This V~ Shape Hair Cut Done Soon!

Exactly how it is, no more cutting it or messing with it.... Reached goal!!!  :) ;)

Beautiful long dark hair V-cut layered hair. Wish I had smooth straight hair :(