So if I were up to dealing with the crazy maintenance of unnatural hair color again I would TOTALLY do this! LOVE it!?

Choice your Top guide for Super Cool pastel hair Colors to create pastel tie-dye hair with great color clip-ins.


My school has a no unnatural hair color policy until I hit grade. So since I'm dying my hair a gray ombre color during school( I found a loophole) I'll be dying my hair a blue color or blue ombre for summer!

Unnatural hair color can be seen as unprofessional to some business owners. Try to keep it natural or consult your boss before trying this out.

19 Fall & Winter Outfit Idea’s To Copy Right Now!

Today I'm sharing my favorite unnatural hair color inspiration and what colors I'd consider trying out myself!

hair fashion style supreme Grunge edit outfit purple hair long hair colored hair dyed hair e dye leather jacket straight hair grunge style edited hair pastel-locks

not much for unnatural hair colors but this color is truly amazing.

Now this is a hair color I would so be tempted to try out! I love that it is mixed in with the black hair and not all purple