Underworld Selene Death Dealer Halloween Costumes

Vengeance returns as Kate Beckinsale reprises her role as Selene in the next installment of the the Underworld film series - Underworld: Ships fast.

http://fxcontactlenses.org/underworld-contact-lenses.html  Movie-inspired blue Vampire contact lenses to spice up any vampire costume or Gothic look.  These vampire contacts were custom designed to resemble popular Vampire characters from the movies Underworld & Interview with the Vampire.  Click link above to learn more.

Be the best looking Vampire or Lycan for cosplay or Halloween with movie-inspired Underworld contact lenses. Selene, Viktor, Kraven, Markus, or Michael Corvin


Skintight black bodysuit w zipper closure from the neck to lower torso. Also black leather zip-up arm gauntlets. Black leather corset has lace-up back and double zipper. 8 leather straps extend around the side and clip to corset front.

DIY Selene From Underworld Costume

DIY Selene From Underworld Costume