They may be "for kids," but listening to our favorite love songs from the animated Disney movies of our childhood (as adults, we realize they actually have very grown-up romantic themes and lyrics. Classic Disney princess films like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid feature songs about going from friends to something more, the butterflies of first love, and a guy's reluctance to "kiss the girl" — sounds pretty relatable to me! Check out our favorite Disney love songs.

Feel the Love Tonight With This Romantic Disney Playlist

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just can't lie it was the best time of my life... in 63 days... ;)

"One Direction - Rock Me" probably one of my favorite songs from One Direction oh wait! All of their songs are my favorite!

Prince Lyrics: 10 of His Best Lines | Prince, "Kiss" |

Prince Lyrics: 10 of His Best Lines

Victorious by Panic! At the disco

Victorious by Panic! At the disco My touch is black and poisonous, and nothing like my punch-drunk kiss, I know you need it do you feel it drink the water, drink the wine!

Pinterest : vamikavats10 Insta : vamika_poetry_

Pinterest : vamikavats10 Insta : vamika_poetry_

Nicotine P!anic at the Disco

Nicotine P!anic at the Disco ❤️❤️❤️❤️ AHHHH this song is amazing and I relate to these specific lyrics so freaking much

It turns out that no one can replace me. I'm permanent you can't erase me.

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Started the season a day or two ago and now I'm on season two. Can't stop watching it.

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