20 fotos de elegantes diseños de uñas decoradas

Silver on Silver Manicure. Matte silver nails with shiny silver tips. Love it!

uñas cortas brillantes plateadas

When choosing the best wedding nail art for your day, some of the things that can help you make the right choice include the hand flower bouquet that you will be holding and the length of the dress or hand gloves.

I still want these mirror nails! Really truly. Can't be bothered with gel nails though :(

silver metallic nails nail polish mirror mirror nail polish silver nail polish nails love love is metallic nail accessories

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Gold Leaf Manicure Important Tip! Don't use the gold leaf available at craft stores, because they contain toxic impurities and you don't want to accidentally inhale or ingest them! Use cosmetic or edible grade gold leaf instead.

Gris rosa plata stamping chromo nails uñas

✖️ Classy ✖️ For classy lady ❤️ shmick and chrome matte ✔️ bling