47 Most Amazing Ombre Nail Art Designs

47 Most Amazing Ombre Nail Art Designs

Water feeling for me and bridesmaids? Use aquatic nail colours to mimic dreamy days spent by the water.

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Unhas de gel: prós e contra

A veces la Luna efectivamente se ha visto de color azul en el cielo. En raras ocasiones, el humo de los incendios forestales o las cenizas de una erupción volcánica ascienden a la atmósfera y se mezclan con gotas de agua del tamaño exacto, capaz de filtrar la luz de la Luna y volverla de un color azulado.

10 Fenómenos más raros de la naturaleza

Then I shall Say “Good-night, good-night! parting is such sweet sorrow / That I shall say good-night till it be morrow.” Xxx sweet dreams my princess x

Omg! I love this!

Fall 2014 Nail Trend: Matte Nails

I never would have thought of matte navy blue polish! But, this OPI Russian Navy Matte is great.

Farbpalette Nr. 240

Monochrome palette of dark blue cold shades: from saturated to light blue, organically accomplished with white color. This transparent, watercolor gamma is

Klassisches Kleid, französischer Kleid, tiefblaue Kleid, LeMuse klassischen Kleid entworfen und genäht von LeMuse.  Wenn Sie klassische französische Kleid LeMuse Kleid fühlt man sich schön und gemütlich. LeMuse blendet alle Unvollkommenheiten und macht Sie perfekt.  SPEZIFISCHEN KLEID: -Versandbereit. -Passend für alle Körper Größe Frauen. -Material: 69 % Viskose, 25 % Polyamid, 6 % Elasthan. -Pflege: Waschen Sie innen nach außen (bei 30 ° c); Verwenden Sie keine Waschmaschine; Eisen auf…

Classic dress | French dress | Deep Blue dress | LeMuse classic dress

Classic dress, french dress, deep Blue dress, LeMuse classic dress designed and sewed by LeMuse. When you dress LeMuse classic french dress you feel

schwarz-weiß liebt farben. bei mir am liebsten naturtöne, dazu meeres- und waldfarben. grau in allen schattierungen und fröhliches gelb. am liebsten mit geometrischen mustern, streifen oder ethno-drucken. immer gerne etwas silber und kupfer. und frisches grün von pflanzen. dann bin ich glücklich.

Delicate and fresh daisies. Dark blue, denim, turquoise, light blue harmonizes with white and yellow. This classic combination is suitable for a light summer image, and for formal business suit. Chamomile’s colors on light blue color do not hurt your eyes

Uñas en color negro mate con diseño glitter.

20 Increíbles diseños de UÑAS que deslumbrarán a la mismísima Luna

Matte nails are often paired with black color to get matte black nail design, somehow, you can also make cute matte nails this fall. Let's check out!

Farbpalette Nr. 344

Free collection of color palettes ideas for all the occasions: decorate your house, flat, bedroom, kitchen, living room and even wedding with our color ideas.

Blue and Gray Textured Tree Art Original Painting on Canvas

Blue and Gray Textured Tree Art, Original Painting on Canvas, MADE TO ORDER, select a size

Blue and Grey Textured Tree Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas Size: Depth: Color: This painting has a nice range of blue.

Farbpalette Nr. 216

Marine shades of green and sky-blue are underlined with light purple. This tropical color palette may be appropriate for a party in Hawaii-style and for everyday summer dresses. This color scheme can be used for a spacious hall decoration.

Farbpalette Nr. 242

The combination of green-brown gamma with light shades of lilac and blue color form a palette of savanna. This natural color combination can be used to design kitchen, living room or study; could be used for the man’s classic business suit.