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10 Crisp & Clean Sans-Serif Fonts For Your Blog

We really love seeing designs with nice, clean sans-serif fonts. A few years ago, I chose a variation of Futura for my website branding and I never.

fonts by Simon Walker. Particularly like Cilantro, rosemary & kinda like basil.


Wow, we are loving all these different fonts, each for a different herb. These fonts have an antique quality that I really like about them. I especially love Rosemary and Cilantro because they exude a lot of qualities found in the aesthetic which I love.

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Cities | A Brush-Type Lettering Series  By artist @ginozko #typography #gold…

I like how the various typography styles coincide nicely with the vibe of their respective cities here

F37 Bella Font Family by HypeForType , via Behance

Oh Bella. I am leaning toward a real thick and thin stroke font for your identity. Mixed with a bit of the rawness of Fortune magazine.

"type", "typography", "font" - textural.

Typographie #10 : Un caractère créatif !

I love the motion. My favorite one is the first 'e' which I think looks like a fish "type", "typography", "font" - textural. I bet this would be an awesome font to use for a tattoo but incredibly hard!

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