"This isn't Twilight."  Yet... How will we EVER explain Cedrick...

5 Things Harry Potter Taught Us

This isn't Twilight, Ron even though I have not read the Harry Potter books I still find it funny!

I don't even like twilight and this is funny

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Worst Twilight Memes: Heroines

Worst Twilight Memes, Funny Pictures, Photos of Kristen Stewart

21 Twilight Comics - I laughed so hard. Seriously, read this. Everyone should.

21 Twilight Comics - I laughed so hard. Seriously, read this. And if I was gonna go for a vamp it woulda been that brother.

Gordon ramsay Twilight meme #Gordon Ramsey #Meme #Twilight - Life throws you…

Gordon Ramsay's 'joke' about secretly filming his daughter has made Beckie Smith question why we still think of daughters as their father's property in What about sons?

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To be fair she did do something to do with like protecting them from the volturi idk I forget I haven't read the books in ages & idk why people always compare twilight to those other books?? It's a romance novel not an action / fantasy (despite the vampires obvs) so comparing them is kind of silly imo

Fact: Bella Swan is not a role model for girls. and Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress

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Epic Final Battles: Lord of the Rings vs Narnia vs Harry Potter vs Twilight