Awesome Tribal Horse tattoo

When you mix just about any animal with a tribal theme it is going to become something amazing. That is exactly what this artist did and it came out as expected.

Tribal Horse Head Design Perfect For Logo Or Tattoo Vector In Eps Design 450x372 Pixel

Horse Head Tattoo Idea Photo: This Photo was uploaded by FeelSoAlive. Find other Horse Head Tattoo Idea pictures and photos or upload your own with Phot.

Echoes in Time - Custom Horse Tattoo by ~MyOwnEnchantment on deviantART. This is an awesome pice of art, probably wouldn't get it tattooed on me but its still cool

A tattoo to comemorate a close friend's first horse Echo for her birthday. Please do not use or reproduce this design, thank you. Echoes in Time - Custom Horse Tattoo