Travel tray - great little idea. Perfect for hotel rooms or our camper trailer to hold all those little things that otherwise get spread around the room.

You could totally alter this travel tray pattern to become a collapsible basket for a craft show display.

DIY Travel Trays - These are a lifesaver!!  Easy way to keep kids entertained in the car.  Only $5 to make both trays!

DIY Travel Trays

DIY Travel Trays - I am making these for all the small kids in the family!

I love car hacks! Avoid added stress & simplify your life with a little preparation and a few organization hacks on your next car ride.

10 Car Hacks Every Mom Needs

DIY Road Trip Travel Tray - Two Sisters Crafting We used a cookie sheet and some scrap fabric to make this DIY Road Trip Travel Tray - a must have item on a multi-hour car trip with a toddler!

Carseat Travel Tray Tutorial - HOME SWEET HOME

Carseat Travel Tray Tutorial - HOME SWEET HOME - A few weeks back, my husband and I decided we would take a vacation this summer hour drive) with our three kids who are and I've

When we were prepping for our trip to Gulf Shores, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified of the idea of being in the car all day with small children.  It seriously scared the crap out of me.  I...

DIY Travel Trays

making these trays, for a cookie tray and some contact paper from the dollar store. just need to figure out a velcro system to keep them close at hand and keep them from falling off their laps while driving.

Make Something Daily: Travel Trays One side is magnetic, the other side is felt!!

Use inexpensive cookie sheets to make handy travel trays to use in the car. Kids can use the travel trays to play on, eat on or draw on.

Such an incredibly cute idea for a gift or my own kiddo for a road trip!

Kids' travel kits - what a greeat idea to use baking sheets!

Source: 7. Keep Your Car Smelling Clean Did you know that dryer sheets have some amazing uses? One of the great uses is to put a few of the sheets in your car to keep it smelling fresh and clean. You never know what is spilled or dropped in a car or what messy stuffContinue Reading...

9 Brilliant Car Hacks For Moms

I used the cookie tray trick for our last road trip but never thought of the straps. tutorial: DIY Cookie Sheet Activity Tray for Road Trips with kids {genius!