A secret hatch! An ingenious entry point to the basement cellar. See original image at http://www.michaelbellarchitects.com/residential-5/residential-5-picture-2/

A secret hatch! An ingenious entry point to the basement cellar. See original image at

OMG!!! I NEED this!!! I've been searching for something like this forever (for the kitchen)... would free up a LOT of space. I wish I knew how to make this dream come true!!!!! :( :( :(

Wine Cellar - The Large Hexagon - contemporary - Wine Cellar - London - Albion Architectural Concrete

this size spiral staircase and the topmost room can have the trapdoor..use as an actual trapdoor

Here are some novel spiral wine cellars from the UK based company ‘Spiral Cellar’, that would be perfect for those wishing to indulge in building a luxury cellar, for it may comfortably house more than 1000 bottles of wine.

Clear View™ Glass Door: cellar access

Cellar Access provides the highest quality and cost effective power assisted or electric automatic doors to access your basement or cellar

June 2009 by Rebecca FalzanoPhotography Trent Bell If we listen closely, houses will sometimes speak to us. Queen Annes overlooking brick-lined streets share secrets of the past. Farmhouses lining snowy country roads whisper of the warmth within. Rustic camps beside … Continue reading →

A Sparkling Sanctuary

Love this idea if you have little ones or pets you need to keep in certain areas.

Custom Barn Door Baby/Dog Gate from Pink Moose -- I love this handmade wooden baby gate/puppy gate

Hiding / Retracting Basement Stairs | Putting Down Roots… Winnipeg Reno Blog

Hiding / Retracting Basement Stairs

Here’s a neat idea for a hiding or coverable basement/crawlspace hatch/floor door/trapdoor. (It might also be called retractable stairs or a hidden stairway). This kind of stairway gives you …

Need this for the root cellar- the stairs are already there under the kitchen floor

Could build a root cellar/storage cellar just outside the back door, under the upper deck area.

Secret door... to a secret lab. with "schematics"... I don't know what schematics are but I want them... and a trap door. Leading into a marsh... of marshmallows... Could anyone really be mad at you for dumping you into a marsh of marshmallows? (thanks and apologies to dane cook for this rant....)

Hidden Doors And Secret Passages Ideas

confuse your guests Secret door. bookcase on hinges that leads to a room with a glass window but no doors.