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Un jury prestigieux pour l'affiche du Tour

Tour de France. So Euro in style, look forward to it every spring.  Please follow us @ http://www.pinterest.com/wocycling

Tour de France's logo features a bicycle rider. The R is the rider, and the O and the additional circle are the wheels. The font is fun and whimsical, and very French. The color scheme is simple and straight forward.

2015 tour-de-france stage-18 Lacets de Montvernier...oh my goodness that looks painful and glorious

2015 tour-de-france Lacets de Montvernier Gotta ride this some day!

Tour de France 2016. 10-07-2016, 9^Tappa. Vielha-Val d'Aran - Andorra-Arcalís…

Chris Froome (b British professional road racing cyclist; born in and competed for Kenya until four-time winner of the Tour de France climbing in pouring rain towards Andorra Arcalis stage 9 Tour de France

Amazing work for one of my favorite events: The Tour de France.

Lovely Tour de France Poster Series

Infographic: Touring France for over 100 years. How the time has changed. | GLUE

Touring France for Over 100 Years Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Sports category. Check out Touring France for Over 100 Years now!

Shut Up Legs Tour de France Poster Painting

‘retro styled Tour de France cycling illustration poster print: SHUT UP LEGS’ Poster by SFDesignstudio