Easy and so good! These wraps are ready in 10 minutes tops!

Turkey Ranch Club Wraps _ These are probably our fave. They’re so great for lunch or dinner, & taste like a million bucks. :) Filled with sliced turkey, bacon, cheese, & of course ranch dressing. They’re so delicious & satisfying.

Make your own Turkey Roll Ups at home, just like the Costco version! Not only are they easy to make, but they are cheaper and taste better too!

Turkey Roll Ups (Costco Copycat)

Italian Sub Sandwich Roll-Ups

Italian Sub Sandwich Roll-Ups

Italian Sub Sandwich Roll-Ups. Listen to The Outdoor Cooking Show Sunday afternoons - PM on KPRC 950 AM in Houston, or via streaming media via the iHeart radio app. If you can't listen live, podcasts are available via iTunes.

Food and Drink: California Turkey Club Wrap

California Turkey Club Wrap

The classic party appetizer with a Southwest twist! A great make-ahead appetizer. ~ http://www.fromvalerieskitchen.com

The classic party appetizer with a Southwest twist. These pretty tortilla pinwheels are made ahead and waiting for you in the refrigetor to slice and serve at party time. A great addition to your appetizer menu at any time of year.

Watch how to make Homemade Tortilla Wraps.  They are easy to make and unlike store bought varieties, have real flavour.

Homemade Tortilla Wraps are simple to make and have real flavour. Watch how to make them here with The Klutzy Cook.