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Fire tornado- please God don't let me ever die this way lol

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Gif plaisir passion

Animation 001 by Akela73

Simple app: Just install the app and set as your live wallpaper! You can change the speed of the thunder storm lightning around the wolf!

Lightning Strike! (stylized) what do you guys think? - WIP & Critique - Real Time VFX

An Example of the Electric Charge from Lightning Striking “From the Ground Up”. Lightning is the movement of electric charge across a potential, striking more commonly when the potential is higher,. Don't go out in a thunder storm

unfortunately this is real, super cell near Texas, it´s a gif, if you click it, see it moving.

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Drugs are bad, M'kay - Imgur

Drugs are bad, M'kay

Watch it spin by clicking on GIF.The Hypnotizingly Minimal Gifs of David Dope - mashKULTURE

You Have To Be Insane To Drive Your Car This Close To A Tornado

You Have To Be Insane To Drive Your Car This Close To A Tornado

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You still up for hero hunters being part of Peyton and Austin's story? On another note, storms. I feel like this would happen if she was desperate and afraid. Or if she lost control and it just spiraled into chaos or someone tried to bring more of her power out and it backfired and caused big storms.

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Tornado in a jar; science experiment activity pages

Making Tornado In A Glass

Tornado in a jar science experiment; aligns with exploration of the natural world in Ohio ELDS. Can be done in large or small groups. Parent involvement with bringing in plastic bottles for supplies, tie in to recycling/Earth Day.