Tobias Funke aka David Cross who everyone but me sees in DUMBO.

I agree with what David Cross (Tobias Funke from Arrested Development) said about bathroom attendants and massages.

Tobias Fünke (David Cross) Arrested Development

Los 100 mejores personajes de la historia de la televisión

Tobias Fünke (Arrested Development) - as portrayed by David Cross

Tobias Fünke – Fully Exposed (GIFs, Photo Gallery, Video)

Tobias Fünke - Fully Exposed (GIFs, Photo Gallery, Video)

Arrested Development Sobbing

We are all relating to an old man in the shower. Just thought I'd put that into perspective.

The Many Faces of Tobias Funke by Doe Eyed

"The Many Faces of Tobias Funke" Arrested Development Print by Doe Eyed (Onsale Info) - OMG Posters!

arrested development, television, comedy, 2000s, david cross, alia shawkat

arrested development, television, comedy, david cross, alia shawkat<<I saw tobias and thought divergent and then I was confused and realized that this is a comedy show.