Thigh Highs--look so nice over pantyhose and maybe worn with ankle boots

I am OBSESSED with tights, knee high, and thigh high socks these days / socks / thigh high socks / knee socks / thigh socks / wool socks / thick socks / soft socks / fall socks / winter socks /

a high waisted skirt and thigh high socks with booties is still my favourite outfit combo

a high waisted skirt and thigh high socks with booties is still my favorite outfit combo. Perfect VD for Rina - First Bloom book

Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh High - In our never-ending quest to find the longest and comfiest socks for all our sock-loving friends we have taken our  Extraordinary Striped  socks and added several more inches... achieving a sock that went butt-high on many while still being over the knees of even our largest legs with cuffs that easily stretched up and around 26 inch thighs!  Made in the USA

Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh High, Plus sized! They say these streach out to a round thigh.

White Lace Stockings

Lace Knee Hi Stockings / Grace Loves Lace (knee high socks are just my thang)

Converting tights into thigh highs! So much better to wear than suffocating tights, especially with fall coming up.

Thigh High Stocking Tutorial - Wow, I can make my own socks now!i like this idea for possible thigh high stockings for my garter

fall outfits but this would be considered spring outfits for seattle.. find more women fashion on

Winter / Fall Fashion winter outfit fall outfits cardigans date winter fashion and sweaters skirt with tall socks

Fogal Caresse Thigh High Stockings. A nice, wide welt like this helps thigh highs stay up.

Fogal Caresse Stockings are so good. maybe I should have worn suspenders, but these are nice