1976 47ft cruiser stern narrowboat                                                                                                                                                                                 More

dining table in the very back surrounded by windows, then kitchen, then couches/ beds, then drivers seat 1976 cruiser stern narrowboat - curtains to separate.

And then I was like BAM BOOM CHING! and he was all like WOAH SLICE DICE!!! And then I was..... #Aries

And then I was like BAM BOOM CHING! and he was all like WOAH SLICE DICE!!! And then I was..... #Aries

Regrets [Gray x Lucy] by Kiko-x3

Suck it graylu fans cause i read that mashima will make nalu happen that at the end of fairy tail they will have a daughter named nashi

Gaster: being erased from existence, its not sorrowing to find that no one remembers you. but you remember me. don't you? Frisk: Gaster! Gaster: ah. hello child. you seem enthusiastic as always. its nice to see a friendly face again. Gaster: oh. now was that really necessary? how rude. don't you know better than to interrupt peoples conversations?

(Gaster) Being Erased from existence, it's not surprising to find that no one remembered you. But you remember me, don't you?

Ready to take your Spanish to the next level? Then you need to add these hilariously funny Spanish expressions to your vocab.

25 Unforgettably Hilarious Spanish Expressions & Idioms [Infographic]

No offence to the movies, they were nice, but hey, look at this

11 Ways Harry Potter Movies Are Different From the Books:xD no but they did leave out so many good parts im so pissed<<<<Accio dem abs and the Goblet of Fire made me laugh 😂😂😂

If only... (Relationship Stories)

but soulmates can also be friends, so what if you had multiple tattoos and you meet these two guys where one of them is your romantic soulmate and the other is a friend and you have to figure out which is which

i mean... TAEKOOK FOR LIFE #bts

Taekook is sailing>>> far and far into da distance

Say out loud some vocabulary word in English. Give them a few seconds to process, the call out a random number in Spanish (example: tres!). The student from team 1 who is "tres" and the student from team 2 who is "tres" both run up to the board and write the word in Spanish as fast as they can. Whoever writes it first gets the point.

Juego de Correr: divide class into 2 or or Call out spanish vocab in English. Then call out # in Spanish & kid on each team that has that # has to go to board to write word in Spanish.

Literally me after some one tells me to trusg then after there already betrayed me

KAGEROU PROJECT, Outer Science Some Dark or Sad Anime Quotes sometimes are a reflection of our past or feelings, we are always connected to anime characters and their feelings,sad or happy.