Book V: The Last Olympian, Ch. 11 / pg. 190

boii this was one of the parts where we dropped our books and squealed/ shouted random curses because we're fucking fangirling

The last olympian and percabeth feels!!!

when Annabeth gets stabbed and Percy is so worried about her. loved this scene! She even says "your cute when your worried"

di-angels: I chose the color of the lake (blue), because it is a reminder of Percy. Or was it a black color (because of the river Styx)? D...

Memories came flooding back to me- sharper and more colorful. I stopped dissolving. My name was Percy Jackson. I reached up and took Annabeth’s hand. - page The Last Olympian when Percy was swimming in the River Styx.

"get used to it" :P The Last Olympian. Love this quote, but the drawings here aren't so good. Annabeth looks to much like a guy I think, and they aren'tike that in the scene

c: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase (c) Rick Riordan my scanner: "SABATOGEEEEE!" Wise Girl and Seaweed Brain

I don’t know if I should save this to my musicals category or my Percy Jackson Category....

let future rick riordan fans wonder how percy reacted when he was brought up.