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In my orchestra class, we would always get donuts after a concert/competition and we played a price called "Carpe Diem" and so one time the instructor told us 'Carpe Donuts' to motivate us to play well.

Omg they all work but now I think my bestie who was next to me thinks I've lost it she joined in on bubbles though

they all work but now I think my bestie who was next to me thinks I've lost it she joined in on bubbles though

The grandma joke is gold. My dad didn't understand it, that just made it better.

I have no words for this one, one of my favorite text posts

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funny thing is I said this to this annoying kid after he said the first sentence and he just went "okay, point proven"

funny tumblr text posts - Google Search

OMG I HAVE this colouring book that was translated from Arabic to English, and it was really cheap, but it's tom and jerry themed and not a single sentence is correct, "tom jerry catch to the murder of "

I feel that tumblr has freed people to communicate those little realizations we have that would normally go unsaid, and I love it, because it connects us.

becoming conscious of your living is the weirdest thing ever like does anyone ever feel like that < YES EVER SINCE IVE BEEN FIVE I THOUGHT I WAS THE OBKY ONE<<this is called an existential crisis everyone, i live in a constant state of existential crisis

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weather is an unpredictable! Ireland: Irish weather in shite, lads. tea consumption per capita, you dummy Irish Comp weather is an unpredictable! Ireland: in shite lads tea consumption per capita you dummy

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I call my great grandma Grammy and my great grandpa Gramps lol

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Doofinating words Birdinator 300 uncool noun: bird Cool noun: Birdinator 3000 thank you Dr.



It GOT BETTER what the heck today Im finding all of these text posts that Ive seen a million times before, but theirs updated!

Whose idea was it to trim these, because I'd like to fight them; thank you

Common expressions in full:- Curiosity killed the cat.- Blood is thicker than water.- Jack of all trades, master of none.

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