Kingdom Hearts - story board

Kingdom Hearts Storyboard by Nomura Tetsuya incomplete as they were saved by my friend from long ago use it for my own personal reference

Square Enix reveals new Hatsune Miku X Tetsuya Nomura video and Play Arts Kai Miku - SGCafe

I don't care much for vocaloids, but I love that this is a concept art by one of my fav character designers/artists, Tetsuya Nomura (.Square Enix reveals Hatsune Miku x Tetsuya Nomura.

final fantasy xiii lightning returns cid raines | autres apparitions modifier dissidia 012 final fantasy modifier


INFORMATION Character - Lightning/Claire Farron Game - Final Fantasy Dissidia Publisher - Square Enix Size - 435 x 726 © Square Enix All Rights Reserved Lightning Render

Noctis Sketch - Characters & Art - Final Fantasy XV

Noctis Sketch - Characters & Art - Final Fantasy XV - Square Enix - Xbox One -

Tetsuya Nomura has released a sketch to celebrate the launch of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ! … on

Celebrate the launch of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X with this new artwork by Tetsuya Nomura featuring Ephemera and Chirithy!

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, can't wait to play this when I get my PSP! :D<<<hhhhhhh Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Week 8 - Final Fantasy VIII - Concept Art Mon - Seifer

The video game character Seifer Almasy is a teen with to ears length blonde / yellow hair and blue eyes.