Awesome Spanish unit on  "La Camisa Negra"   por Juanes. 3 Follow up activities plus an article on Juanes.  Sweeeeet!

Tengo "La Camisa Negra" por Juanes

Still got any 'yo mama' joke out there? - 9GAG

Still got any 'yo mama' joke out there?

Drop the mic (after yo' mamma). //Still got any 'yo mama' joke out there? - memes//Bad Jokes//Your Mama jokes//

Thanksgiving baby onesie #affiliate #thanksgiving #breastfeeding #baby

Thanksgiving baby onesie #affiliate #thanksgiving #breastfeeding #baby

How to Wear a Pink Dress Shirt (40 looks) | Men's Fashion

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Spanish clothing and GO verb activities with the song "La Camisa Negra" by Juanes

"La Camisa Negra", Present Tense -GO Verbs & Clothing Vocabulary

Spanish Clothing Vocabulary to Music

Clothes vocabulary / Vocabulario de la ropa- song to help teach adjective agreement

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe