August Come Follow Me "Why is Temple Marriage Important" SLC TEMPLE HANDOUT/CRAFT IDEA

Some type of Temple craft for Girls Camp. Or an end of camp gift from me to all the YW & Ward leaders.

Why settle for just a chip?.

{ Mormon Share } Why settle for just a chip?

: Here is Trudy's description of this handout: For this lesson I made chocolate chip cookies to give out at the end.

Personal Progress Temples    In trying to find a way to further motivate the YW to do personal progress, we came up with the idea of tracking their

Personal Progress Temples - A way to help track and motivate Young Women to complete their Personal Progress (Once complete, they get to take their temple-tracker home.

BODY IS A TEMPLE – MODESTY: Come Follow Me – LDS Young Women Activities, February Theme: The Plan of Salvation, Lesson Topic #7: Why should I treat my body like a temple? handout for every lesson, ACTIVITY: My Modesty Checklist, Gospel grab bag – handouts to download from

Modesty - My Body Is a Temple: LDS Lesson Activity - My Modesty Checklist - "How do I guard my virtue?