oldadvertising: “ TEEN magazine (Feb 1968) http://www.retrospace.org/ ”

oldadvertising: “ TEEN magazine (Feb Bright colors of the along with the round necked, sleeveless, short dresses that exemplified the decade.

1965 Ingenue Teen Magazine Fashion Layout, '60s Shoes & Textured Stockings

vintagefashionandbeauty: Shoes and textured stockings in teen magazine Ingenue, March (♥️)

Susan Dey on the cover of Teen, 1971.

Susan Dey on the cover of Teen, L. Law (TV series) – Grace Van Owen Susan Dey (born December is an American actress, known primarily for her roles in film and television.

D'Jeaver Eat A Hoagie?  1958 Elvis, Shmelvis. What's way more interesting is the cover line, D'Jeaver Eat A Hoagie?

11 Extraordinary Vintage "Teen Magazine" Covers