jimin’s that one dude that’s just awfully rude, his name is park chimchim

O jimin está andando muito com o Namjoon ,aí da nisso.

RM ~♡ :: 180111 :: GDA ☆☆

RM ~♡ :: 180111 :: GDA ☆☆

#wattpad #fanfiction well, tưởng tượng đi cô gái, trong truyện của tôi, bạn là nhân vật chính.

use your imagine. bts - thoongi

You know shot gets real when

This shows that they work really hard for us ARMYs and we need to appreciate that.

HES SO ADORABLE IM CRYING also I'm lowkey hoping the key ring doesn't rip his fucking ear okay bye

Just wear it like that. Fo you remember his figure?

Imagine how they must feel, like tbh I would feel the same knowing I achieved something so fantastic like that. WE ARMY love u too!!!

We really love yall too