Tatuajes de diamantes

Tatuajes de diamantes, recopilación y significado

I like the thick black lines with the galaxy inside.Think something like this with Kale& Name would be awesome.

Small circular brush stroke by Witty Button

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Omg I've been talking with my mom about getting a dragonfly tattoo and this would be perfect. The women in my family mean so much to me and this is just one way I can show the world how much they mean to me. I just have to talk her into it cause she's so stressed out about everything. Dragonflies are her favorite and I would love to get this with her!

dragonfly heart tattoo design with the words always and forever to connect the dragonflies

hermanas hasta el infinito                                                                                                                                                      Más

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I usually dislike when people have infinity signs, so basic and usually bland to me, even ones that say love inside or something but I love this, it's so unique.

Simbolo sueco, Malin: Significa que tienes que enfrentar los contratiempos para poder seguir adelante.

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Malin: Swedish Symbol - you have to face setbacks to be able to go forward

Para toda la vida: 50 tatuajes de infinito que adorarás

Life and love infinite with feather tattoo. I love this, but I already have a feather tattoo.

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Infinity tattoos are one of the oldest tattoos to be alert widespread use today, and astern the related meaning. The meaning of the infini.

Tatuajes de plumas: ideas y significado

Ying Yang feather by ~LilyThula on deviantART, ok just when I thought I found the perfect feather tattoo I have to see this, wow welp i know what im getting, this is perfect.