Awesome colorful flower tattoo by Katie Shocrylas

Awesome colorful flower tattoo by Katie Shocrylas - Tatuaje con colores alucinantes por Katie Shocrylas

Familia De Cuatro Símbolos Abstractos Personas (iconos) Mediante Bucles De Línea. Los Iconos Son De Padre, Madre, Hijo E Hija En Líneas De Color Negro Con La Sombra Ilustraciones Vectoriales, Clip Art Vectorizado Libre De Derechos. Image 18689980.

Family of four people abstract symbols(icons) using line loops. The icons are of father, mother, son & daughter in black colored lines with .

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Poignant, creative and clever tattoos

A color for every birthstone in the fam. Pretty sure that's for printer ink but I like the idea!

hermanas hasta el infinito                                                                                                                                                      Más

20 Ideas de tatuajes para hermanas que te enamoraran

I usually dislike when people have infinity signs, so basic and usually bland to me, even ones that say love inside or something but I love this, it's so unique.

Make this a Yellow Rose and have Mike's name make the stem - maybe add te amo semper ad infinitum - if I can