Demi Lovato tattoo, love it <3...need it...maybe next tattoo?

Truly great and interesting tattoo made on pop singers' -- Demi Lovato hand. There's a word "faith", some birds and a cross on the handbreadth.

Demi Lovato, Tattoo, Twit Pic I love this placement and the birds I just want them to ombré in colors

Demi Shows Off New Bird Tattoo—Check It Out

Demi Lovato: New Arm Tattoo Via Kat Von D!: Photo Check out Demi Lovato's brand new arm tattoo! The singer and X Factor judge got inked by celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D on Sunday (November

Super stylish: The actress coordinated her attire with a matching light pink clutch

Demi Lovato draws attention to her cleavage at Samsung Galaxy launch

Unsympathetic: Due to the risque nature of the photos, some critics had called for Demi's cover to be hidden on newsstands - Demi said that parents should just watch their kids

I want this heart on the inside of my pinkie and then 143 on my pointer, middle and ring finger respectively.  (143 = I Love You)

Top 10 Demi Lovato Tattoos And Their Significance

Small tattoos are so non committed but this is cute, and I like the placement. Small heart on inside of ring finger.

Demi Lovato 'warrior' Tattoo (she got a tattoo of her own lyrics... I think she means them...)

SEE IT: Demi Lovato shows off new 'warrior' back tattoo

To celebrate the release of her brand-new album, Demi Lovato inked some lyrics from the album on her shoulder. “Now Im a warrior” which is a line from her inspirational song “Warrior”. reminds me of her last album.

I fell in love with this tattoo as hard as I fell in love with Demi Lovato's song "Nightingale"

I fell in love with this tattoo as hard as I fell in love with Demi Lovato's song "Nightingale"