Hay momentos que nunca olvidarás. Un encuentro, un suceso que cambió tu vida o algo completamente personal que sólo tú conoces. Bien podrías llevar la fecha y el lugar exacto para siempre estar en él

Tatuajes que nunca te arrepentirás de haberte hecho

The date and coordinates of where she first met her man. Typography design tattoo by BEN VOLT San Francisco, California Coolest coordinates tattoo I've ever seen

Fotos de Tatuagem de Coordenadas GPS | Fotos de Tatuagens

Like the idea of getting the coordinates of where Rey and I met/he proposed/we got married/our first home etc.its very cute, just far too basic Mais

Coordinates tat. Maybe get it of my home coordinates.

30 Awesome Inner Forearm Tattoo Ideas

I'm thinking of getting a coordinate tattoo once I've been to a place that tops Aruba. If nothing can top that, then I'll get the city's coordinates tattooed somewhere. I just need to think of placement

Arrow with coordinates by Jakub Nowicz

43 Amazing Arrow Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Coordinates tattoo: don't like the font but like the body placement

When you finally decide to get a tattoo, the first thing you’ll need to do is find a reputable tattoo artist. Most tattoo artists have several designs that you can pick from.

19 tatuagens que literalmente todo mundo fez em 2014

19 tatuagens que literalmente todo mundo fez em 2014

Pin for Later: 14 Tattoo Ideas For Parents Wanting to Honor Their Kids Coordinates No matter where you go, you can always carry that special place your baby was born with you.

Compass Ink                                                       …                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Compass Ink

Medium sized compass centered in the middle of my back representing direction and the bearings of home listed around the outside so i never forget which direction home is

Coordinates | 19 Tattoos That Literally Everyone Got In 2014

19 Tattoos That Literally Everyone Got In 2014

Coordinates of a meaningful place

Tattoos To Pay Tribute To Your Favorite Place - This is such a cute idea. I think it would be a really cute idea for couples. To use the coordinates of the place they met.

Little wrist tattoo of the coordinates of his hometown on Matty Monty.

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