LOL yes I'm getting my third one done this week. can't wait. Pinterest: @SHEISLMARIE #tattoomemes

Just did a Mickey and Minnie on my arm and I'm ready for a fucking sleeve

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Some people lol. Never deserved my TRUE kindness.u have issues bitch not my fault u thght me being good to you was bad.i aint ur niggaaaa:P - Funni Pic - Funny Pictures - Humour

Sooo true!! People are quick to judge!                                                                                                                                                     More

WORDS TO LIVE BY! I have chosen my tattoos carefully. Look closely. As tools, they may grant you a glimpse into the human I am. Equally, they may shield me from what you are if you cannot see beyond the colors inked into my skin.

But right after you took off those bandages, you were like “Damn.” | 27 Stages Of Becoming Obsessed With Tattoos

27 Stages Of Becoming Obsessed With Tattoos