Tarzan Coloring Pages: Here is our compilation of Tarzan-themed coloring sheets that your child will love.

Top 10 Tarzan Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love To Color

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Tarzan - These Classic Disney Quote Tattoos Will Make You Feel All The Feels - Photos

"This is my first tattoo. It’s a line from You’ll Be in My Heart by Phil Collins. I got this because my mom would always tell me how much it reminded her of me, being a little girl dealing with a severe phobia and anxiety. It will always be extremely special to me."    Holy crap our life :| @Janine Calvelli

It’s a line from You’ll Be in My Heart by Phil Collins. A song In the movie Tarzan which was always a favorite as a kid.

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After a busy week, there's nothing better than the good old paper and pencil Young Tarzan

Sometimes we learn the greatest lessons of life, like it's ok to be odd, sometime being together is all it takes, and wishing for a perfect life doesn't mean that we don't appreciate the one we have, sometimes it's ok to learn from things that are important from things that aren't at that moment in time... I will always love fairy tales and Disney....

DISNEY QUOTES: Life Lessons from Classic Disney Movies ❤ >> possibly to put as tattoos, if they really strike a cord with you!